L’ARCHETIPO DI BRAHMĀ La linguistica archetipica nella comprensione della schizofrenia

Federico Divino


Starting from Hillman’s work on Paranoia, a manifestation of schizophrenic disorder, we will study the etiology of schizophrenia through archetypes. In particular we will study the importance of the archetype of the prism (archetype of Brahmā) and the archetype of the androgynous (Ardhanārīśvara). Together with the aetiology we will see how schizophrenia fits into the disturbances of meaning, as Hillman guessed in 1985, and we will see what the contributions of archetypal linguistics and Medelogy can be in explaining the symptoms of schizophrenia through the study of Kūkai’s work on absolute reality and the relative reality contained in the doctrine of the True Word.

Palabras clave

Schizophrenia, archetypes, Medelogy.

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