Leonora Carrington’s Feminist Alchemical Vision and Extrasensory Perception: My Magical Journey of Friendship with Leonora Carrington (1971–2011)

Gloria Orenstein


In this essay I have woven together the outstandingly magical and memorable events that introduced me to Leonora Carrington’s extra-sensory and spiritual powers. I had met Leonora through a correspondence connected to my research for a doctoral dissertation in Comparative Lit., and she invited me to stay with her in Mexico to learn more about her work in both art and literature. My own journey linked her teachings together with the meaning of her novel and our friendship in ways that I discuss as I recall the many things I learned when I spent time with her. These were joyful times together, sharing our intuitions and our life experiences as mothers in the pre-feminist era verging on the beginning of the second wave of Feminism in the early seventies. Our friendship remains a significant turning point in my life “her story” and a gift that was unanticipated, transformational, and unforgettable. Perhaps I might say it was truly both Real and Surreal, a “Point Supreme” according to Breton, where opposites are no longer contradictory.

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Surrealism, Feminism, Shamanism

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