Historia de la revista

Studia Hermetica is exclusively an academic project, which means that is based strictly in the principles normally attached to this perspective: textual criticism, research ethics, falsifiability, formality, neutrality… The people who participate in Studia Hermetica are recognized researchers or students (linked or not to an official institution), and not a practitioners or minions devoted to a concrete vision of life, religion, ideology, etc. Our work is published in periodical, scientific and recognized publications in the field.

In this sense, many departments of recognized Universities and well-known institutions support us, which means that they acknowledge our scientific value and our importance as a divulgators in the fields involved in Hermetism and hermeticism.

Studia Hermetica comply with all the requirements established by Latindex: http://www.latindex.unam.mx/documentos/revistas_elec.html

Studia Hermetica is an independent undertaking, not supported -economically speaking-, by any public or private institution. If you want to contribute to our work, we deeply appreciate it. Be sure that your monetary contributions will be used for supporting our inquiries, or in other words, to buy books related to our fields of research. Please, visit our donation’s section in Azogue Journal and donate books to our Documentation Center, opened to researchers and students interesting in these matters.